Achievement in Publishing

Achievement in Publishing

Each year, a recipient is honoured who has demonstrated a history of creating excellent magazine content and/or products; achieved long-term success in the magazine industry; and made significant contributions to the Alberta magazine industry, including volunteer work, advocacy, leadership and collaboration.

Katharina Doyle

Creative Scrapbooker

Many people aspire to share their passion with the masses by creating a magazine; few find long-term success. Katharina Doyle is one of the few.

The co-founder and publisher of Creative Scrapbooker (formerly Canadian Scrapbooker) has been a passionate scrapbooker since the birth of her children. Yet the idea of expanding that love to the pages of a magazine never crossed her mind until her now-business partner Jackie Ludlage proposed the idea.

Despite originally knowing very little about the publishing industry, Doyle jumped at the opportunity and left her long-time job as a senior manager at a tech company. She immersed herself in learning everything she could about magazines, from mastheads to media kits; six months later, the two women unveiled their first issue of Canada’s first magazine dedicated to scrapbooking. That was in 2005 with a starting circulation of 1,500.

Today, Creative Scrapbooker has a circulation of nearly 26,000, including a large and growing market in the United States. Ten years after the first issue was released under the title Canadian Scrapbooker, the magazine was re-branded as Creative Scrapbooker to meet North American and global demand. Since 2015, circulation of Creative Scrapbooker in the United States has skyrocketed to 22% of all issues from 2%. This includes individual subscriptions and newsstand sales. Doyle has been pivotal in extending the brand beyond the magazine by amassing a loyal social media following and helping to develop the annual Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival.

According to Ludlage, Creative Scrapbooker has flourished because of Doyle’s business acumen, entrepreneurial vision, and passion for the magazine and scrapbooking trades. Doyle also brings the same enthusiasm and energy to her volunteer position as director at the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association.