Art Direction for a Single Issue

Art Direction for a Single Issue Finalists

This award is granted to art directors and their staff or freelance associates for a single magazine issue. Judging will emphasize use of of compelling imagery and graphic elements that work creatively and engagingly to support the issue’s theme.

New Trail

Answers Wanted

Marcey Andrews, art director

Canadian Rockies Annual

2016 Issue

Dee Larosa, art director


History In the Making

Richard Maruk, designer

WestJet Magazine

May Issue

Steve Collins, design director;
Teresa Johnston, art director

New Trail

Move, Adapt or Die

Marcey Andrews, art director

New Trail

Rudy Wiebe Gets The Last Word

Marcey Andrews, art director

UAlberta Business

The Centennial Issue

Sarah Jackson

Western Living

September 2016

Paul Roelofs art director; Jenny Reed, associate art director.