Digital Presence Website

Digital Presence Website Finalists

This category includes entries from a magazine website, website redesign or microsite. Judging will emphasize high editorial standards and effective use of the digital medium to reach and engage the intended audience; and best practices in navigation and architecture; interactivity; excellent content and outstanding design.

Avenue Calgary

Jaelyn Molyneux, executive editor, digital, Karin Olafson, assistant web editor

Canadian Rockies Annual

Meghan Ward, editor; Dee Larosa, designer/art director; Tera Swanson, assistant editor

The 11

Plastic Pitch

Steven Sandor, editor, Charles Sandor, web designer

Summit Online


Michal Waissmann, designer and art director; Leslie Blondhal, designer; Deb Abramson, studio and production supervisor, Dave McLean – manager, marketing and communications