Editorial Package

Editorial Package Finalists

Entries in this category include any collection of articles on a related theme in a single issue that reflects collaboration by editors and writers. Judging will emphasize creativity, cohesion and overall impact.

Answers Wanted

New Trail

Marcey Andrews, art director; Karen Sherlock, Lisa Cook, editors-in-chief, Christie Hutchinson, Amie Filkow, associate editors; Sarah Pratt, staff writer; Stephanie Bailey, editorial assistant; Kate Black, intern; Mary Lou Reeleder, Cynthia Strawson, supervising editors; Marcey Andrews, art director

A Look to the Future, A Link to the Past


Nancy Cope, editor; Todd Kimberley, Harry Sanders, Richard White, Eric Rosenbaum,Suzanne Bowness, Julie Sengl, writers, Susan Mainella, Managing editor Alison O’Connor, Online editor Carolynn Van de Vyvere, editorial Assistance

Crazy for Noodles

Avenue Calgary

Jennifer Hamilton, Elizabeth Chorney-Booth, Lynda Sea, Vincci Tsui

Dig In

WestJet Magazine

Jill Foran, editor; Sara Samson, associate editor, Diane Bolt, assistant editor; Alyssa Quirico, editorial assistant; Alyssa Schwartz, Lisa Jackson, John Lee, Mandy Savoie, Joanne Sasvari, Shelley Cameron-McCarron, Kat Tancock, freelance writers

Foodies of the Year 2016

Western Living

Neal McLennan, Anicka Quin, Stacey McLachlan, Rosemary Poole, Julia Dilworth, John Gilchrist, Julie Van Rosendaal, writers; Jenny Reed, art director; Evaan Kheraj, John Sinal, Lillie Louise Major, Shelora Sheldon, Tarynn Liv Parker, Daniel Wood, Clinton Hussey, Jager and Kokemor, photographers

Summer in the Cities

WestJet Magazine

Jill Foran, editor; Sara Samson, associate editor; Diane Bolt, assistant editor; Alyssa Quirico, editorial assistant

Swim or Sink

New Trail

Sarah Pratt, writer; Karen Sherlock, managing editor; Lisa Cook, editor-in-chief, Marcey Andrews, art director

Trend Report 2017

Western Living

Julia Dilworth, writer; Paul Roelofs, art director