Behind the Story

Curtis Gillespie, the award-winning co-founder and editor of Eighteen Bridges magazine and a 2017 Alberta Magazines Conference presenter, knows that when it comes to creating strong content, size doesn’t matter. 

In this podcast, go behind the scenes with Gillespie and writer Lisa Gregoire as she talks about what went into writing her award-winning cover story, Breathing Holes. Gregoire delves into what it’s like to report on domestic violence in Canada’s north — and become the subject herself. This stirring essay won gold at both the Alberta Magazine Awards and the National Magazine Awards. 

Eighteen Bridges, a small but mighty narrative journalism publication, is a shining example of how magazines can be impactful and tell important stories no matter their size. In his session, 1A: Small Magazines, Big Ambitions, Gillespie tells us how writers and editors can leap over boundaries posed by tight budgets and low circulation numbers to tell complex and unexpected stories. He explains how his team uses narrative journalism as a tool to tell big stories on a small budget.

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