2017 Alberta Magazine Awards Winners

Alberta Magazine Awards Winners Announced

Calgary, Mar 16, 2017 —Nearly 300 of the best and brightest talents in the Alberta magazine industry gathered in downtown Calgary March 16 to honour the winners of the Alberta Magazine Awards.

The annual event, staged by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA), showcases the outstanding work of magazine professionals from across the province, judged by industry leaders from across North America.

The awards gala leads off the 2017 annual magazine media conference that brings together some of the most innovative thinkers in the industry from across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

“The Alberta Magazine Awards program honours and celebrates the work of Alberta’s magazine creatives; art directors, writers, photographers, editors and illustrators. Collectively these individuals bring passion and insight to our unique Alberta culture and ensure Alberta voices and stories are shared and heard throughout the province and beyond our borders,” says Suzanne Trudel, AMPA’s Executive Director.

Awards were presented for excellence in magazine content published in 2016 in 21 Showcase categories and five Achievement award categories.

New Trail, the University of Alberta’s alumni magazine was named Magazine of the Year for its “thoughtful, sophisticated approach that engages its readers by taking risks and providing its audience with a consistently compelling magazine.” Nicola Hamilton, adjudicator and former deputy art director at Chatelaine said, “New Trail’s rich and interesting packaging and editorial intelligence elevates what an alumni magazine can achieve. It’s a study in relevance,” she said.

New Trail scored again when Lisa Cook received the Editor of the Year award for her accomplishments with the magazine. Chris Welner, IMPACT magazine editor, said the judges were “impressed by the sophistication, confidence and coherence of the editorial execution of New Trail.” He notes that while producing a magazine is a team effort, “you don’t get that kind of content onto the page without a steady hand on the tiller.”

Publisher Katharina Doyle received the Achievement in Publishing award. Eleven years ago Doyle turned her love of scrapbooking into what has become the premier Canadian scrapbooking and paper-crafting magazine. She recently rebranded the publication as Creative Scrapbooker and has made significant inroads in the U.S. market. “Many people aspire to share their passion with the masses by creating a magazine; few find long-term success. Katharina Doyle is one of the few.” said former achievement award recipient and Galleries West publisher Tom Tait.

Joyce Byrne, a respected industry leader and generous mentor, received the Volunteer of the Year award. Judges recognized Byrne for her commitment to advancing the magazine industry. “She has earned a reputation of one of the most tireless champions, promoting magazines as vital and essential cultural industry products, as well as the publishers, staff, freelancers and industry partners who contribute to them,” said Apple magazine editor Terry Bullick.

Best New Magazine was awarded to newcomer Canadian Rockies Annual for its captivating storytelling about mountain culture and impressive visuals.

In the creator categories, New Trail earned multiple trips to the podium, receiving gold and silver medals in numerous editorial and design categories including Art Direction Single Issue, Feature Design, Editorial Package, Essay and Service: Lifestyle. Avenue Calgary magazine won gold in the Alberta Story, Emerging Visual Creator and Essay categories in addition silver in the Service category. Canadian Rockies Annual, a new magazine did well in the photo categories, Alberta Views garnered gold in Fiction and Cover categories and Swerve saw gold in Profile and Glass Buffalo took gold and silver in the Emerging Writer category.

A full list of Showcase Awards finalists and winners and Achievement recipients is below, complete articles can be found at albertamagazines.com/awards.

The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) is a non-profit industry association that promotes, supports and advocates on behalf of the Alberta magazine publishing industry. 

For inquiries or more information, contact:

Suzanne Trudel
Executive Director


Showcase Category Finalists and Winners

Alberta Story
  • Are We There Yet? Avenue Edmonton Steven Sandor
  • Coming Through Slaughter Swerve Taylor Lambert SILVER WINNER
  • Greetings from the Fourth Dimension Swerve Michael Hingston
  • In Praise of Protest Alberta Views Sid Marty
  • Is It Too Late for the Heritage Trust Fund? Alberta Views Max Fawcett
  • Len Perry Canadian Cowboy Country Dawn McCoy
  • Our Vital Forests Alberta Views Tadzio Richards
  • Patterns of the Past Canadian Rockies Annual Tera Swanson
  • The Art of Reconciliation Avenue Edmonton Samantha Power
  • The Fight of His Life Avenue Calgary Omar MouallemGOLD WINNER
Art Direction for a Single Issue
  • Answers Wanted New Trail Marcey Andrews, art directorGOLD WINNER
  • 2016 Issue Canadian Rockies Annual Dee Larosa, art director
  • In the Making LINK Richard Maruk, art director
  • May Issue WestJet Magazine Steve Collins, design director; Teresa Johnston, art director
  • Move, Adapt or Die, New Trail Marcey Andrews, art director
  • Rudy Wiebe Gets the Last Word New Trail Marcey Andrews, art director
  • The Centennial Issue UAlberta Business Sarah Jackson
  • September 2016 Western Living Paul Roelofs, art directorSILVER WINNER
  • Alberta Construction Magazine Mental Health Paige Pennifold; Cath Ozubko, creative lead; Joseph Caouette, editor, Alberta Construction Magazine; Stephen Marsters, director, Daily Oil Bulletin and editorial products
  • Alberta Views, March Beate Wichmann, art director; Evan Osenton, editorSILVER WINNER
  • Avenue Calgary Cheap Eats Venessa Brewer, senior art director; Jennifer Hamilton, executive editor; Jared Sych, staff photographer
  • Avenue Edmonton Randy Boissonnault/ May 2016 Pete Nguyen art director; Adam Goudreau and Dwayne Martineau photographers; – GOLD WINNER
  • Avenue Edmonton Ryan Smyth Pete Nguyen art director; Cooper and O’Hara photographers 
  • New Trail Rudy Wiebe Gets the Last Word Marcey Andrews art director; John Ulan, photographer; Lisa Cook, editor-in-chief
  • Oilweek Notley’s Gamble Christina Borowiecki, graphic designer; Cath Ozubko, creative lead; Darrell Stonehouse, editor; Stephen Marsters, director, Daily Oil Bulletin and editorial products
  • Swerve Ride West Young Man Brent Morrison, art director; Brent Mykytyshyn, photographer
  • Western Living June Naomi MacDougall, art director; Evaan Kheraj, photographer
  • WestJet Magazine May, 2016 Steve Collins, design director and photographer
Digital Presence: Website
  • Avenue Calgary AvenueCalgary.com Jaelyn Molyneux, executive editor, digital; Karin Olafson, assistant editor, digitalGOLD WINNER
  • Canadian Rockies Annual crowfootmedia.com Meghan Ward, editor; Dee Larosa, designer/art director; Tera Swanson, assistant editor
  • Plastic Pitch The 11 Steven Sandor, editor; Charles Sandor, web designer
  • Summit Summit Online Michal Waissmann, art director; Leslie Blondhal, digital designer; Deb Abramson, studio and production supervisorSILVER WINNER
Editorial Package
  • Answers Wanted New Trail Sarah Pratt, writer; Karen Sherlock, editor-in-chief; Marcey Andrews, art director; Christie Hutchinson, Amie Filkow, associate editors; Stephanie Bailey, researcher; Lisa Cook, editorGOLD WINNER
  • A Look to the Future; a Link to the Past LINK Brian Bowman, editor-in-chief; Nancy Cope, editor; Todd Kimberley, Harry Sanders, Richard White, Eric Rosenbaum, Suzanne Bowness, Julie Sengl, writers; Susan Mainella, managing editor; Alison O’Connor, online editor; Carolynn Van de Vyvere, editorial assistance
  • Crazy for Noodles Avenue Calgary Jennifer Hamilton, executive editor; Elizabeth Chorney-Booth, Lynda Sea, Vincci Tsui, writers
  • Dig In WestJet Magazine Jill Foran, editor; Sara Samson, associate editor; Diane Bolt, assistant editor; Alyssa Quirico, editorial assistant; Alyssa Schwartz, Lisa Jackson, John Lee, Mandy Savoie, Joanne Sasvari, Shelley Cameron-McCarron, Kat Tancock, writers
  • Foodies of the Year 2016 Western Living Neal McLennan, Anicka Quin, Stacey McLachlan, Rosemary Poole, Julia Dilworth, John Gilchrist, Julie Van Rosendaal, writers; Jenny Reed, art director; Evaan Kheraj, John Sinal, Lillie Louise Major, Shelora Sheldon, Tarynn Liv Parker, Daniel Wood, Clinton Hussey, Jager and Kokemor, photographers
  • Summer in the Cities WestJet Magazine Jill Foran, editor; Sara Samson, associate editor; Diane Bolt, assistant editor; Alyssa Quirico, editorial assistant
  • Swim or Sink New Trail Sarah Pratt, writer; Marcey Andrews, art director; Lisa Cook, editor-in-chief; Karen Sherlock, managing editorSILVER WINNER
  • Trend Report 2017 Western Living Julia Dilworth, writer; Paul Roelofs, art director
Emerging Visual Creator
  • Denise Clarke Lives the Luxe Life Avenue Calgary Jared Bautista, photographerGOLD WINNER
  • Gift Guide WestJet Magazine Shane Arsenault, photographerSILVER WINNER
  • Untapped Potential Avenue Edmonton Paul Swanson, photographer
Emerging Writer 
  • Charting a New Course for Sex Ed New Trail Kate Black
  • First Class Citizens The Yards Lizzie Derksen
  • From the Ground Up Avenue Calgary Sarah Comber
  • Grey Gardens The Yards Celia Shea  
  • Small is Big The Yards Nikki Wiart
  • Taking Names Glass Buffalo Chris Cassis – GOLD WINNER
  • Tech Support The Yards Kalyna Hennig
  • Those Who Love the World and Their Animals Madly Glass Buffalo Kevin Holowack – SILVER WINNER
  • A Life Sentence Alberta Views Ted Sparks (pseudonym)
  • Among Cougars and Men Glass Buffalo Austen Lee
  • How to Talk About Death and Dying Avenue Calgary Christina Frangou – GOLD WINNER
  • Security Settings Glass Buffalo Kate Black
  • When Truth Doesn’t Matter New Trail Todd Babiak – SILVER WINNER
Feature Design
  • A Drone in the Life UAlberta Business Sarah Jackson, art director
  • Answers Wanted New Trail Marcey Andrews, art director
  • Best Brunches, Avenue Calgary Venessa Brewer, senior art director
  • Choose Your Own Adventure New Trail Marcey Andrews, art director
  • Lei of the Land WestJet Magazine Teresa Johnston, art director
  • Photo Finish Western Living Paul Roelofs, art director; Clinton Hussey, photographer; Nicole Sjostedt, stylist
  • Sunny Days techlife Andy Oviatt, designer
  • Swim or Sink New Trail Marcey Andrews, art directorGOLD WINNER
  • The Annotated Rudy Wiebe New Trail Marcey Andrews, art directorSILVER WINNER
Feature Writing: Long
  • A New Fight for the Gothic Knight techlife  Scott Messenger
  • A Stroke of Luck Swerve Taylor Lambert
  • Goodbye Hobbema Alberta Views Tadzio Richards
  • Knocking On Holy Doors Swerve Heather Setka
  • Swim or Sink New Trail Sarah Pratt
  • The Road From Damascus Avenue Edmonton Steven Sandor
  • True North Strong Western Living Omar Mouallem – GOLD WINNER
  • What I Learned from My Dad Apple Magazine Curtis Gillespie – SILVER WINNER
  • Whose Art is it Anyway? Avenue Edmonton Omar Mouallem
Feature Writing: Short
  • Ancient Arts Galleries West Portia Priegert
  • Designs of the Wild Canadian Rockies Annual Graeme Pole – GOLD WINNER
  • Eyes in the Sky Intelligence on the Ground Avenue Edmonton Eliza Barlow
  • Is This the Next to Go? The Yards Angela Johnston
  • Keep Calm and Float On techlife Scott Messenger
  • Mental Health Alberta Construction Magazine Joseph Caouette
  • The Showdown Swerve Lyndsie Bourgon
  • To Delight the Eye Alberta Views Omar Mouallem – SILVER WINNER
  • Mark IV Glass Buffalo Shawn Ohler
  • No Small Thing Alberta Views Tom McMillan – GOLD WINNER
  • Puzzles FreeFall Kim Murray
  • The Dying Game Glass Buffalo Kate Black
  • The Sandbox Alberta Views Jennifer Williamson
  • Welcome to Khyber Agency FreeFall Annum Shah – SILVER WINNER
  • Beyond The Healthy Glow Avenue Edmonton Jason Lin
  • Charting a New Course for Sex Ed New Trail Sonia Roy
  • Crazy Cubin’ Finger Swerve Irma Kniivila
  • Drop by Drop techlife Rory Lee
  • Green Gold Swerve Julie McLaughlin
  • One Is the Happiest Number Swerve Kyle Metcalf – SILVER WINNER
  • Sinking Feeling Oilweek Christina Borowiecki
  • The Speed of Thinking and Change Apple Magazine Carl Wiens
  • The War on Viruses Apple Magazine Carl Wiens – GOLD WINNER
  • Left to Our Own Devices Swerve Brent Morrison, art director; Josh Holinaty, illustrator
  • Survey Jan 2016 Oilsands Review Jeremy Seeman, graphic designer; Deb Jaremko, editor; Cath Ozubko, creative leadGOLD WINNER
  • What Can You Make from One Barrel of Oil? Oilweek Christina Borowiecki, graphic designer; Cath Ozubko, creative lead; Darrell Stonehouse, editorSILVER WINNER
  • Where Do You Fit In? New Trail Sarah Pratt, writer; Monika Melnychuk, illustrator; Marcey Andrews, art director; Karen Sherlock, editor-in-chief, Stephanie Bailey, researcher
Photograph: Essay or Series
  • Alter Egos Canadian Rockies Annual Wayne Simpson – GOLD WINNER
  • Chefs On the Move Avenue Calgary Jared Sych, staff photographer
  • Cougars: Rapid Momentum Summit Colin Way – SILVER WINNER
  • The Annotated Rudy Wiebe New Trail John Ulan
  • This Side of Paradise Western Living Evaan Kheraj
  • Wrestling Erica Swerve Colin Way
Photograph: Landscape, Architecture, Still Life
  • Booming Ice Chasm Canadian Rockies Annual Paul Zizka – GOLD WINNER
  • Burning the Midnight Oil,Avenue Edmonton Paul Swanson
  • Crossing Over into East Village Where Calgary Neil Zeller
  • Grizzly Canadian Rockies Annual Brandon Brown – SILVER WINNER
  • May 2016 WestJet Magazine Steve Collins
Photograph: People and Portraiture
  • A Normal Family Apple Magazine Brett Gilmour
  • Artists and Their Living Legacy Avenue Calgary Jeremy Fokkens
  • Chef Collaboration Avenue Calgary Jason Stang – SILVER WINNER
  • Keep Calm and Float On techlife Blaise van Malsen
  • Mothers of Invention Swerve Jager & Kokemor Photography
  • Rudy Wiebe Gets the Last Word New Trail John Ulan, senior photographer
  • Twenty Minutes in Space Avenue Edmonton Cooper and O’Hara – GOLD WINNER
  • Welcome to the Sunshine Coast WestJet Magazine Jared Sych, staff photographer
  • Bear Skin Rug filling Station Margo LaPierre – SILVER WINNER
  • cancer grows like a nest FreeFall Beth Everest
  • Finlandia FreeFall Ellie Sawatzky
  • small bird. black paint. Glass Buffalo Kevin Holowack
  • Three Poems filling Station Sean Howard – GOLD WINNER
  • Canada’s Top Judge Alberta Views Katherine Ashenburg – SILVER WINNER
  • From Seeds Come Trees New Trail Scot Morison
  • Inside the Animated Mind of Joel Cohen New Trail Curtis Gillespie
  • Passing the Smell Test Greenhouse Elizabeth Withey
  • Still Number One Avenue Edmonton Breanna Mroczek
  • The Annotated Rudy Wiebe New Trail Scot Morison
  • The Real Marni Panas techlife Scott Messenger
  • Wrestling Erica Swerve Marcello Di Cintio – GOLD WINNER
Service: Business, Education, Health and Medicine
  • Beyond The Healthy Glow Avenue Edmonton Caitlin Crawshaw
  • Changing the Game New Trail Shane Riczu – GOLD WINNER
  • The Condo Board Survival Guide The Yards Jyllian Park – SILVER WINNER
  • Unpacking the Climate Change Plan Greenhouse Helen Metella
Service: Lifestyle
  • Bird is the Word Western Living Julie Van Rosendaal, writer; Jenny Reed, art director; Gabriel Cabrera, photography & styling
  • Build Your Canadian Street Cred WestJet Magazine Robin Esrock
  • Choose Your Own Adventure New Trail Kate Black – GOLD WINNER
  • Happy Campers Swerve Jacquie Moore
  • The Haters Guide to Camping Avenue Calgary Shelley Arnusch, associate editor; Kevin Brooker, Joanne Elves, writersSILVER WINNER


2017 Achievement Award Recipients

Magazine of the Year New Trail

Achievement in Publishing Katharina Doyle Creative Scrapbooker

Volunteer of the Year Joyce Byrne Avenue Calgary

Editor of the Year Lisa Cook New Trail

Best New Magazine Canadian Rockies Annual