MagCulture’s Jeremy Leslie on the Modern Magazine


Walk the streets of downtown London and eventually you’ll find yourself on the doorstep of the embodiment of Jeremy Leslie’s love for magazines. What started as a blog in 2003, magCulture is now a retail shop and studio where Leslie sells, studies and champions magazines. In any given year, he’ll have more than 600 titles from around the world go in and out of the store. In this podcast, he chats with host Omar Mouallem about the content and design trends he’s seeing in the modern magazine, the titles that made him fall in love with the medium, and why he sees indie publishing as a young person’s game.

Jeremy Leslie leads the magCulture studio in London, UK, dividing his time between designing, consulting and writing. He’s a passionate advocate for editorial design, which he sees as an ever-changing discipline that has always adapted to new contexts. Jeremy has written several books about magazine design, and the magCulture Journal is a key source of news and opinion about the subject. He organizes the annual Modern Magazine conference in London and runs the magCulture shop, where he hosts monthly magCulture Meets evenings featuring editors and art directors.

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