Achievement in Publishing

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Joyce Byrne

It would be difficult to find someone more passionate about publishing or more knowledgeable about the industry than Joyce Byrne. Publisher of Avenue Calgary since 2014 (her role recently expanded to group publisher for RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions), Byrne has long been a champion of magazines, and of the people who make them and the readers who enjoy them.

Since entering the industry in 2001, Byrne has helped to create magazines in a range of categories including trade, politics, literature, business and city lifestyle. She was instrumental in the launch of Unlimited and Eighteen Bridges, and she has been a devoted volunteer for industry associations including AMPA, IRMA, Magazines Canada (where she was a director for 10 years) and the National Magazine Awards (where she was president).

A publishing polymath—she’s as comfortable proofreading (which she has done for Taddle Creek for 15 years) as she is wrangling budgets and staffing—Byrne is also a tireless advocate for freelancers and interns, for accessible professional development opportunities and for ethical ad-edit guidelines. Byrne became publisher of Avenue during an economic downturn, and has managed the publication in such a way that not a single person was laid off—while restructuring roles to facilitate collaboration and efficiency.

Not only has Avenue thrived under Byrne’s direction, the entire Canadian publishing industry has been enriched and strengthened by her exceptional understanding of its intricacies and her genuine love of its process and products.