Judges’ comments
GOLD: Care by the Decades Apple

General structure and organization is well done and intuitive to follow, especially with the timeline to connect you through the years. The author did a really nice job of taking a complex concept and explaining it simply and clearly to the reader. The icons also supported the readers understanding of the topic.

The graphic treatment underlines the reader’s understanding of looking at health throughout the lifespan. The silhouettes and single through-line at the top of the feature are effective in communicating this.

SILVER: Remote Electricity New Trail 

The organization and presentation of the information is excellent. The author did a really nice job of taking a very complex concept and explaining it clearly to the reader.  Overall the graphics really help to understand the scientific and engineering concepts at play—with them, the content is much clearer than reading the copy alone.

Care by the Decades GOLD WINNER


by Sue McGillivray, designer

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Remote Electricity SILVER WINNER

New Trail

by Karen Sherlock

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Economy 150

UAlberta Business

by Vikki Wiercinski, Illustrator

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