Volunteer of the Year

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Allan Lacey

It takes a financial expert to oversee AMPA’s annual audit each year, and an exceptional individual to stand up at the AGM and patiently explain the results of that audit to a room full of publishing professionals (who are really there to socialize with colleagues). Lacey did that each year from 2005 to 2017, during his term as AMPA’s volunteer treasurer.

A certified accountant with a CPA, CMA designation, Lacey has managed finances in Calgary for 20 years, working with local companies including Swizzlesticks Salon and Redwater Grill & Vintage Chophouse. Currently, he’s the corporate controller for RHS Canada. 

AMPA treasurer is usually a two-year term position; Lacey held the spot for a dozen years, attending board meetings, signing cheques, overseeing annual budgets, reporting, auditing and business planning. His commitment to the financial health and sustainability of the association helped to steer AMPA through several lean years. Lacey provided long-term guidance to AMPA’s board of directors and the executive director, spearheading a plan to create a reserve fund that will help insulate the association from future economic uncertainty.

Known for his unflappable approach and pleasant manner, Lacey has been instrumental in AMPA’s evolution to its current financial stability. He has been a tireless supporter of the periodical industry in Alberta (and almost certainly knows more about publishing than he ever expected to), and everyone who works in magazines is better off as a result.